Why Am I Doing THIS??

It's always an important question to ask yourself...why am I doing this? It was a question I had to really ask myself after finding out I was pregnant with my third baby. I was in Los Angeles having the time of my life, going on auditions and feelin like my dreams were finally coming true. My first pilot season was a big success, GREAT feedback. Then...wham. Baby number 3.

 I remember emailing my agent with the exciting news. I'm Pregnant!! He was happy for me. But he also knew the reality of the situation. He told me what I already knew. I'm too old. Too little experience, too far away living in Poland, too....risky.

He said he had to let me go.

Why?? That was the question I asked myself for a year. Why me?? now I know the answer.

So I could figure all this out. What life really needs and wants from me. This was my Mother's Journey.

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