Am I a selfish mother?

So what is a selfish mother? It can be just as easily the one who gives too much as the one who gives too little. To give too much is to sacrifice yourself and this builds resentment. This was a very important lesson I had to learn and am still learning...EVERYDAY!

When I gave these kids, my husband, my family more of myself than I have, I was so frustrated, exhausted and seriously pissed:-).

Watch and tell me if you have had a similar moment in your parenting journey. Leave comments so we can discuss how to work through it together. It's not easy being a mother/father/husband/wife...but it sure is worth it!


PS...I normally post only current things so you can keep up with me almost daily, but this video is from October before I gave birth. I decided then not to post it because it was too long and you all would get bored. But this was a VERY important lesson that keeps coming back to me even today. Try and suffer through it:-).

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